Mar 15 2014

Georgiadis – Margarita

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Medium: Painting
Enquiries: (02) 4845 1889

fornacis_thumbGeorgiadis has been a painter for twenty years, having studied at Sydney’s National Art School and Sydney College of the Arts. Her portraits have been regular finalists in the Portia Geach Portrait prize, the Salon des Réfuses and Mosman Art Prize, and her works are in no less than twenty corporate collections.

Born in 1968 and of Greek and Turkish heritage, Georgiadis married fellow artist and actor Max Cullen in 2003. Shortly afterwards they bought an old movie cinema in Gunning, 20 minutes from Yass, with an acre of land. Georgiadis’s connection to the landscape, is evident in her work and has also provided her with a secondary obsession: gardening. “We acquired an acre of bare infertile land when we bought our property. I have been painstakingly landscaping, replenishing and cultivating it, using trees, foliage, flowers and vegetables as my palette. I love being outside in the fresh country air of Gunning, shovelling soil, creating compost, planting seeds and shaping our outdoor spaces.” The energy required for gardening replaced her commitment to dance, which came to an abrupt end in 2003 when she broke her foot. This injury was soon followed by the onset of osteoarthritis. Petite but brimming with physical vitality, Georgiadis is well suited to the demands of a country garden and a vigorous art practice.

Untitled_thumbThe following is an excerpt from a critic by Prue Gibson, Australian Art Review:”The artist’s preoccupation with gardening is accompanied by another intense fixation that equally informs her work: death. When her father died, Georgiadis found it difficult to comprehend. And yet, she found solace in her artwork. “Art captures the life being lived at the moment,” she says. And this, combined with her chance to create new life in her garden, gave her the ability to move forwards, out of the paralysing gloom and pain of loss …”


“…Margarita Georgiadis draws on the complexity and contradictions of the landscapes around her and of the people she conjures in paint. Perhaps her greatest skill is her ability to access the fragility of the human spirit. In every single work, there is a suggestion of the painful fallibility of humankind and a reminder of the cyclical quality of everlasting time”.

Margarita Georgiadis and actor/artist Max Cullen have gradually renovated the old Coronation Theatre in Gunning and it is now known as The Picture House Gallery and features exhibitions and performances.

M Georgiadis