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Welcome to YASSarts

The Yass Valley region, just north of the Australian National Capital, Canberra, boasts a remarkable variety of talent in the field of arts, either in people who choose to live here or who have been raised in this region

YASSarts is a not for profit incorporated organization run by volunteers with the aim of celebrating arts & culture in the Yass Valley region. The website’s purpose is to be that of an inventory – a kind of listing of all individuals or groups working within the arts, whether professional or amateur, within the Yass Valley.

The website also provides other facilities for your benefit such as an ‘Calendar’ of events, a ‘News’ section and links to various related points of interest

Through the website and YASSarts’  associated activities, we also attempt to provide a platform and profile for those who may not be career arts practitioners, but whose work is no less noteworthy.

Concurrently, we hope to assist and encourage local government and the community in harnessing the cultural tourism potential of our regional arts through events and, where possible, to be supportive of and provide assistance for, our local arts community.
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YASSarts inc Meeting

The next meeting of YASSarts committee will be on Friday June 29th.  If you would like to be involved, or want to bring information to the attention of the committee, please contact us at

Sculpture in the Paddock

2016 Sculpture Invite -1

Brush F JULY D1

Maisie’s Choir – July Concert

Maisies choir July 2016 Concert Flyer

Mikelangelo and Jack Phemister

Mikel & Jack A4

Tickets $25/$20.  Ring Al 0419 439 710

Tickets at the door!

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