May 25 2015

Gourlay – Kim

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Medium: Photography

Gourley_3155Kim Gourlay developed her passion for photography and her eye for the beauty of nature alongside her father at the age of ten.  A native of the United States and now a permanent resident of Yass, her beautiful photographic compositions of local flora and insect life are composed in gardens and parks around the area.  Kim specializes in macro photography, which she discovered and fell in love with 5 years ago.

Kim is drawn into the world of plants, flowers and insects, by the intense colours and unique textures she is able to capture through the camera lens.  Each photograph is designed to invite the viewer to explore the world from a different perspective. She also maintains a photographic blog where her photographs are posted each day along with quotes from various authors, public figures and leaders.

In addition to photography, Kim is also an avid creator of cards and mixed media canvas projects.  She uses materials from wax to acrylic paints to recycled cardboard to stamps and ink to create her works of art.  Each one is a unique piece that captures the imagination with colour and abstract form.

Gourley_3171 Dandelion-sculpture-by-Al-Phemister Gourley_3425