Jul 29 2014

The Secret Canvas

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The YASSarts ‘Secret Canvas’ is one of the association’s major annual fundraisers and features both well known and amateur artists, local identities and celebrities.

The slogan states “100 Artists | 100 Canvases | $100 Each” and that’s the absolute truth!

This is how it works:
A one night exhibition is staged, whereby YASSarts hang and sell 100 artworks. Each artwork is priced at $100. The identity of the artists is hidden until all artworks are sold. Some of the artists may be well known locally or nationally, some may work in an amateur capacity, some may be students from the local schools – and a select few may have celebrity status but not be practicing artists at all !

The idea is that the guests attending will bid for the art that they wish to buy, not knowing if they have a ‘Picasso’ or perhaps a potential future Picasso.

The evening features comedy, music and of course . . . art!

If you wish to assist this endeavor you would be very welcome, albeit in creating an artwork or simply helping YASSarts stage the event.

‘The Secret Canvas’ is a copyrighted title of YASSarts

(Below is the 2014 event poster)