Jan 20 2015

Whaling – Maralyn

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Contact:  maralynwhaling@bigpond.com.au

Maralyn Whaling won her first art competition at the age of 3!  She was not to paint again for nearly 50years.  (Sculpture was to be her initial art form).

She matriculated with art as a major subject and was accepted at the Australian National Art School to study sculpture with Ante Dabro in 1976.  However, Maralyn  was to move to the Australian National University to study psychology.  She travelled extensively for work in this field and worked in psychological research for 25 years.

Maralyn eventually began painting as relief from work stress.  She has had the opportunity to study extensively with artists such as Madeline Halliday, Kevin Oxley OA, Judith White, Stella Pearce  and many others and has been involved in group exhibitions with Queanbeyan Artists Society, Canberra Art Workshop, Artists Society of Canberra, and Goulburn Art Society and staged a  solo exhibition at Canberra Theatre.

Unfortunately, Maralyn suffers disabilities resulting from falls from horses & motor bikes (it didn’t help having a horse fall on her around the age of 50!) and she finds it difficult to carry work around to exhibitions and so rarely exhibits in public now.

“My paintings are very happy on my walls and I enjoy looking at them.  I find painting and solving painting problems mentally stimulating” says the artist

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