Jan 01 2009

Wallace – Tracy

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Medium: Photography

Enquiries: mail@tracywallace.com

Web: http://www.tracywallace.com

ClumsyTracy is a self taught photographer, born and raised in the Yass Valley shire. She constantly seeks to challenge herself artistically and is interested in pushing the boundaries to see what she can create. Tracy enjoys street photography and creating quirky odd shots, though she is not limited to these genres.
Cold WindShe currently uses a Canon 40d, 50mm, 10-22mm and 70-200mm f/4 L lens.

Though she humbly admits to being a beginner, she has an ability to shoot most genres and is keen to gain more experience in everyday “bread and butter” work such as weddings, fashion shoots, functions/events, corporate or real estate photography.

You can view the full range of Tracy’s artwork via her website http://www.tracywallace.com