Oct 09 2009

The Paper Dolls

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Medium: Everything!

Enquiries: al@alphemister.com / steph@stephaniecorkhillhyles.com

The Paper Dolls is a vibrant group of seven women artists all living and working in the Yass Valley Shire.

The group was born from the realisation, (after much chatting and cups of tea!) that all involved, worked in isolation. It was generally agreed it was so important to meet with like-minded women.

The Paper Dolls have been meeting once every 6 weeks for about 6 years now. They spend this time critiquing each other’s work, helping with pricing for upcoming exhibitions, speaking and work shopping about their art making, eating yummy cake and drinking yummy coffee and they do all of this with their little ones around! (they have 20 children between them . . . not only creative but prolific!)

The Paper Dolls all work in different styles and mediums – painting, printmaking, ceramics, graphics, textile, mixed media and there’s even a milliner! This unique combination makes for a truly wonderful group.

The Paper Dolls exhibit as a group once a year for a Christmas show. Some exhibit in group shows and also have their own solo exhibitions.

The Paper Dolls currently consists of Lisa Fuller, Helen Macinlay Cathles, Mary Jane Betts, Sara Phemister, Sally Rasmussen, Sophie Curlewis and Stephanie Corkhill Hyles. (Unfortunately, Helen & Sophie couldn’t make it to this photo opportunity, below)

The Paper Dolls