Aug 25 2008

Phemister – Sara

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Medium: Painting, print & graphics


Sara Phemister’s art is her life – literally. Her art reflects her family and domestic surroundings and as such is highly personal and emotive. Found objects and ephemera are an integral part of her artform.

The simplicity and naivety of her art is part of its charm along with its ability to empower the common place. Many have likened her work to that of ‘Heide’ artist Joy Hester and Sara herself would consider this a compliment. However, though there may be some stylistic parallels, her work concentrates more on the positive aspects of life and in as much is more elevating.

Sara and her husband Al also played host to the inaugural “Paper Dolls” exhibition in 2004 – a group of friends of varying artistic persuasions. The exhibition was staged in house and grounds of the Phemister’s home in Yass (which, if the truth be known, is a work of art in its own right albeit in a constant state of development).

The success of this undertaking has meant that it could well be an ongoing annual event which is just as well for Sara, as she needs a project to work towards. Her self confessed fondness for a cup of tea and a friendly chat can quite often take precedence but then again, as her life and art are one, she can always just say she’s doing field research!