Jun 09 2009

McKenna – Moraig

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Medium: Ceramics

Website: http://www.oldsaintlukesstudio.com.au

Enquiries: laughingfrogpot@netscape.net

Phone: 02-62368197

Moraig McKenna Working primarily with ‘anagama’ style kilns and unglazed clay surfaces, most of Moraig’s work is made using a porcelain clay developed especially for wood-firing. A lovely touch is Moraig’s imprint on each of her pots. For Moraig, these marks form a nexus between potter and end user lending a touch of individuality to each piece.

In the early 90’s Moraig McKenna met fellow potter Ian Jones. Their passion for each other and pottery saw them combine their efforts and together they developed the Old Saint Luke’s Studio in Gundaroo. Moraig and Ian specialise in wood-fired ceramics. Pots are earthy creatures so the ash from the wood-fired kiln delivers an end product that is highly collectable in the world of ceramics, particularly in Japan, where wood-fired kilns are held sacred.

Moraig PotMoraig McKenna:

“I have been making wood-fired work since 1991, working primarily with “anagama” style kilns and unglazed clay surfaces. Most of my work is made using a porcelain style clay that I developed especially for wood-firing. I enjoy the colour palette of earthy blushes through to dramatic glassy blacks achieved by the interaction between this clay and the wood-fire process. I work with a range of construction techniques including wheel throwing and slab construction. It is important to me that the imprint of my hand is evident in the finished work. For me these marks become a point of connection between the hand of the maker and that of the user.”