May 12 2009

Lyons – Mel

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Medium: Sculpture and painting


Bare Facts Calendar body painting 2007 Whilst still at High School, Melanie Hind’s work was selected two years running for the prestigious ‘Sub Urban’ show at the National Gallery of Australia, an exhibition designed to showcase the best in youth art.

Upon leaving school Melanie studied sculpture for three years receiving her Bachelor of Arts (Visual) in 2003 and achieving her Honours in 2004.

Melanie Hind with her Honours sculpture In 2007 she took part in ‘Bare Facts’, a nude calender project designed to raise funds for charity. She was a part of a group of artists who body painted people for a photo shoot. None of the artists had previous body painting experience and in Hind’s case, it had been at least five years since she had painted at all, being immersed in her sculpture studies.

Melanie now teaches at Radford College in Canberra, ACT