Aug 11 2011

Marie Nicole

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Medium: Photography, Design, Arts & Craft

Guitar CaseMarie-Nicole is an artist and designer who has embraced many opportunities throughout her creative journey, starting with a career in photography that extended over a 9 year period, working with latin and ballroom dancers, families, wine tasters and makers and brides & grooms. Capturing the beauty of living is her mantra. Only two years after becoming a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography she was awarded the title of Associate Member after winning silver with distinction and silver awards in the Australian Professional Photography Awards (2003 & 2004).
As a mother of two and passionate about living a fulfilling ‘family focused’ life whilst maintaining a creative career, she has more recently poured her creative energy into rescuing and repurposing old woollen blankets, leather offcuts & feathers, transforming them into them into statement pieces. Keeping traditional handcrafted artisan techniques alive in this age of the manufactured and mass produced, guided by the belief that art should extend into all aspects of living, not just to hang on our walls.

Marie-Nicole received a BA in Visual Communications with a double major in pic2Visual Arts & Design, from Avondale College, NSW in 2007. Her skills and passions extend further than just capturing the beauty of living through the lens. She has also exhibited works in the following exhibitions:

  • ‘Woman’ at Ron Hartree School of Art in Newcastle, NSW. Displaying her pastel drawingworks of ʻhuman landscapesʼ.
  • ‘Solace’ at Avoca Beach Art Gallery, NSW. Displaying her pastel drawing works of faces.
  • ‘InsideOut’ at Avondale College, NSW. Displaying her photographic works of the forgotten laneways of Sydney, along with a concept coffee table book.