Jul 30 2009

Corkhill – Lucy

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Medium: Painting and mixed media

Contact: lucycorkhill@gmail.com

Your Old Blue Jeans Lucy Corkhill lives and paints in Binalong NSW. She has been a practicing artist for fifteen years and in this time has exhibited in many exhibitions and galleries within the region.

Having grown up on a farm, as the youngest of ten children, her works are bold interpretations of our diverse landscape and the lands ability to sustain, nurture and bemuse its inhabitants.

She works rapidly, thickly layering paint, then scratching back and uses collected and collaged materials to produce abstracted interpretations of the land. She also uses sheets of Perspex which she engraves, with marks she replicates from the land.

Time for Tea (for two) Since having her first baby, Lucy’s work now also explores the concept of the ‘domestic landscape’ , the landscape within the parameters of the home, and with this, the themes of domesticity, nurturing, and family. With these ideas in mind, she has also explored the concept of making time, within a busy day to just sit and be, an idea which she expresses in her “Time for Tea” paintings.