May 05 2008

Pinder – Judy

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Medium: Painting, Printmaking & Photograhy


Judy-PinderThe imagery of language lies behind the visual imagery of my works. I like to allow the process to influence the image and to court the unexpected moment. Whether painting or printmaking, a sense of atmosphere and connectivity is essential. I begin from a single concept and then seek to extrapolate an image from the layers which are built over that concept.

My recent printmaking has been an exploration of the traditional song form* – visual images which form a link with the song in the same way that traditional song uses words to conjure verbal images. Printmaking is an eminently suitable medium in which to express this imagery; it is by its very nature concerned with multiple images and in the same way a traditional song has many ‘lives’ and many incarnations.

The concept of cultural expression is common to both music and image making. Poetry, music and song create mood, ambience – and mental images. It reminds us of our own experiences both real and imagined. It does aurally what art does visually. In this way such experiences are shared. The correlation between these shared experiences provides a bridge – a cultural link between people that promotes a deeper understanding of our society.