Aug 25 2008

Forrester Clack – John

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Medium: Painting & graphics



John completed his Masters of Arts at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. He now lives and works in the bush out of the national capital, Canberra.

His landscape works have been inspired by the seasonal and temperate changes found in New South Wales. John has captured the spirit and magnitude of the Australian landscape mastering the changing effects of light, colour and atmosphere.

John says of his work:
I paint to move people, to create works of substance that will attain the quality of painting, colour and light rarely seen in contemporary art.

Well known art historian and critic Professor Sasha Grishin says of John’s work:
“Forrester Clack’s work has a freshness, uniqueness and immediacy … True visionary art has to be a response to a personal quest and it is this quality above anything else which shines brightest in the art of John Forrester Clack.

John Forrester Clack interviewed by Rachel Kuhn , “Spirit of Things” ABC Radio National