Mar 23 2011

Wood – Emma

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Medium: Airbrush, painting and general mixed media


Emma Wood is a philanthropic, young artist, new to YASSarts. She is currently focused on free hand airbrushing as her main medium, but also enjoys photography, as well as working with watercolours and other inks.

With a background of having a militant father and being in and out of sheds and cars throughout her teen years, a love of combat boots and 1950’s pin-ups was inevitable.

Hot Rod culture is a strong influence in her work, along with other influences like military history, foreign films, imagery riddled novels and artists such as Salvador Dali, Banksy and Gil Elvgren.

Emma recently completed a year of studying airbrushing techniques with nationally recognized Airbrush Venturi. She is looking forward to continuing studying, not only airbrushing but other mediums, keen to progress as an artist and aquire new skills.

Other studies include various art classes in High School and life drawing classes with Sculptor Steven Deronne.

Her work is currently largely self promoted on the image sharing website ‘tumblr’.

She hopes that her art can be seen as honest representations of the way she perceives the world, through expressive and conceptual imagery.

–  Kim Nelson

Cosmetic Bling… Consumerism, and negative self image are out of control, imo.


Hey unfaithful, i will teach you to be stronger/ Hey ungraceful, i will teach you to forgive one another/ Hey unloving, I will love you…’ –Underoath


‘I had a nightmare here’


‘You own all of me.  No one else is inside of me’


‘People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute.’ – Daria


Take what is left of me/ Make it a melody’ – Switchfoot


‘We’re lost but soon we’ll be found’ –Sia