Aug 25 2008

Denton – Chris

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Medium: Print, graphics & painting


Chris Denton’s intricate, visually stunning work is concerned with light and dark, space and volume, pattern and layering and the intricacy of minute observation. The Ceremony series, for instance, depicts the geometric arrangements of shells and the way their patterns relate to the mystical associations attributed by the Greek Pythagorean philosophers. In his Urstoff series, Chris’ message may be seen more as a direct environmental caution. Urstoff refers to “the stuff of the universe” – the things that on a global level are neither immutable nor infinite. Through his work Chris aims to draw our attention to “the artificial barriers” constructed between art, science and spirituality.

Chris Denton has exhibited widely since his first show in the UK in 1969, arriving in Australia in 1979. His work has been shown across Australia and around the world, including galleries in Japan, China, France, Spain, Poland and the United States. Chris’ work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Association Musee d’Art Contemporain (Chamalieres, France), Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts, Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts (Portland, USA) and the Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan). In 1996, Chris was awarded the Grand Prize in the prestigious Biennale Internationale d’ Art Miniature in Canada.

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