Jul 30 2009

Saunders – Anneke

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Medium: Oil, gouache, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and mixed media

Contact: annekenes@tpg.com.au

Phone: (02) 6227-5988

 Anneke Saunders lives in Murrumbateman. She was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Tasmania. She completed her formal art training in Auckland New Zealand with a Master of Fine Arts degree. This study focused on fashion history and theory and illustration of issues in that area.

I enjoy painting in an escapist way I suppose using fantasy and dreamlike elements to a large extent. Some of the things included, refer to Australian historical and colonial information and personal history. I have an interest in clothing history and fashion theory which is sometimes referred to in my paintings. I also enjoy illustrating a juxtaposition of opposing light and dark messages in a work, ideally in a landscape setting or crowded dining group.”

 Currently , Anneke is working as a painter and illustrator. A childrens book of Aussie Fables written by Ron Jensz and illustrated by Anneke is to be published this year, for children in years 5 and 6. In the last years she has had many local exhibitions and sold works and commissions both locally and overseas. She also illustrated various colonial gowns belonging to the National Trust home Clarendon in Tasmania.

 Regularly, paintings can be seen at Cork St Gallery café in Gundaroo and at Schonegg country Guesthouse in Murrumbateman. This is where YASSarts administrator Kim Nelson first saw her work “I probably first saw Anneke’s work a decade ago and fell for it big time! Since then she has gone down more tangents with her work than I care to count but there is always one constant in her art. Integrity. She is not content to stay with the sure thing or to remain within a comfort zone – either hers or ours. She is forever searching and pushing the envelope in an effort to develop to her art.”