Nov 07 2014

Bell – Leonie

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Medium:  Painting & Drawing

Leonie is largely a self taught artist and her artistic themes are bound around a naturalist interest and her country life. Like many artists, she is drawn by tone and colour of the environment around her, but also by the vibrancy of a rodeo, a muster, or the strength and beauty of old time harness horses and bullocks. Even old machinery has an inner beauty to be brought out.

Leonie has been a naturalist, teacher, computer programmer and methodology expert, and a long time amateur scientist and passed on a love of nature during her teaching career. Recently, a desire to devote an increasing amount of time to artistic endeavour as well as the desire for some sustainable living has become more evident resulting in a dramatic change in lifestyle. leonie bell

Leonie is also a photographer and spends some time travelling by motorbike or 4WD around the country to rural shows and events, or just out of the way places, capturing the essence of country through colour and light, and representative images of people and place. The digital age has lent a new dimension to the possibility of photographs and art.

Life is at an exciting point at the moment, full of potential and possibilities, showing that it really is never too late to realise dreams.

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