Nov 13 2014

Yialeloglou – Dimitri

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DIMITRI YIALELOGLOU – Performance artist, poetry & acting

After watching a stunning Circus Oz performance in 2002, Dimitri was inspired to the circus. At age 6 he taught himself to juggle 3 balls and the passion only grew from there – today, after-long term training with Canberra’s youth circus, Warehouse Circus, Dimitri performs for a range of professional and charity shows juggling as many as 7 balls at a time. This, and accomplishments in many other fields of circus, were accomplished after actively training his circus skills on and off for around 5 years; he attributes much of his skill to the wonderfully supportive circus community and the excellent instruction he received at Warehouse Circus.

Parallel to his circus career, Dimitri has enjoyed a range of acting experience primarily based in school shows and classes. Although a relatively recent venture compared to his experience in juggling, acting has given depth to Dimitri’s work going forwards.

In 2013 Dimitri discovered a similar passion for poetry, particularly slam poetry, and has vigorously scribbled poems through various notebooks ever since. Mostly inspired by close friends and personal experiences, “Addict” and “Mandy’s boy” remain his primary completed works with many more in production.

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