Oct 10 2012

Freeform Dance Studio

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Contact: Ryan Whitmore

Email: freeformdance@hotmail.com

Website: www.facebook.com/FreeFormDanceStudio
Freeform Dance Studio

FreeForm Dance Studio’s mission is to provide a refuge and an enjoyable society for people of all ages to learn how to dance.   Their hope is to always improve and make a better, more inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.  Equally, they are not interested in breeding competitiveness and professionalism, but inclusion, love and fun.

The studio is like a family, everyone goes there to just dance and have some fun, let everything out through the method of dance, not somewhere to out dance the person next to you. All this being said, the studio attempts  to make every dancer better, and support them to the best of their ability – to go somewhere with dancing if they wish to do so.

Ryan Whitmore of FreeForm Dance Studio states that it is not a place that judges or breeds the notion of judging – it is about inclusion and giving everyone a fair chance to experience something new, make new friends and of course have a bucket load of fun doing it!

FreeForm Dance Studio welcomes folk to come and watch their class’s or join in.