Jun 12 2014

McGrath – Siobhán

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Siobhan-McGrath_webA performance of Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’ catapulted Siobhan McGrath from anonymity to centre stage at the Canberra FM 104.7 ‘Skyfire’ concert.
In March 2014 the Yass High School captain opened for international performing artist ‘Timomatic’ after winning FM 104.7 ‘Skyfire’s Got Talent’. She was shortlisted for the competition final from hundreds of other entrants after she sent in a video of her performing a cover version of the chart-topping hit.

The 17-year-old Yass Valley local, who has been performing for the last three years, prevailed in the final-five showdown of the ‘Skyfire’ competition to earn a 20-minute set at the fireworks event.

“It’s scary thinking about how many people were there but it was an awesome experience, seeing as the biggest crowds I’ve performed in front of would be 500 people at a school event,” Siobhan said. “It’s an opportunity for people to get to know me and hopefully they enjoy it and follow me.”

We can see a big future ahead for Siobhan. You can check out Siobhan’s music on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/siobhanmcgrath

YASS TRIBUNE news story Wednesday 26th November 2014
READY TO ROCK‘ (by Jessica Cole)

After talking to Day 4 last week, Jessica Cole caught up with one of the Indent youth concert’s other support acts- Siobhan McGrath.

The tiniest curl of doubt resonates in the 18-year-old’s voice as she poses for the camera, tugging at her skirt. She starts to strum her guitar and sings out across Riverbank Park, and all hesitation is gone.

Her voice takes you into a trance of soul and creative thought. She uses lucid sounds with traditional acoustic music to compliment her tone. There is a moody feeling about Siobhan, a physical sense of silence and a glowing hue that you cannot help but relax to.

It is not the kind of reservation that you would expect from someone who exudes such confidence, and it is a far cry from the impression that anyone who has seen Siobhan perform often walks away with. Born and raised in Yass, she carries with her a signature sense of style.

“My music is really a bit of everything, but I think if you had to put it into a genre it would be indie/pop.”

While most acoustic musicians confronted with the prospect of performing alongside three other metal-core bands could become anxious, Siobhan laughs the idea aside.

“I think it’s cool actually! I think it will show a lot of variety and hopefully people aren’t just there for the metal-core, or even if they are, they will find some appreciation in my music.

“Honestly, I have decided that I will just rock it!”

For Siobhan, it is the season of success after she has just completed her HSC and is taking a gap year to focus on her music.

And it is not such a distant future when discussing her plans.“Hopefully I can do some recording, maybe put out an EP and get heaps of gigs in my year off… and we’ll see what happens.”

She speaks about her music plans with such a cool optimism it almost disguises the yearning Siobhan has to live off her musical talent.

Siobhan hopes to study primary teaching after her gap year and has already gained early entry at Charles Sturt University. But music is never far from her thoughts.

When asked how willing she is to make her dream a reality, her answer was surprising.

“Sometimes a dream is a step up from reality, I don’t have unrealistic expectations, of course it would be unbelievable to make it in the industry, but it is enough for me just to keep doing the things that I love.”

With that conviction in her eyes and the coolness in her voice, it’s difficult not to believe her.