Dec 02 2014

Silver Lining

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Many could have told us this already but it’s nice to finally have it confirmed; music is a gateway tool for the heart and mind.

“Our message is about [addressing] mental health and depression,” Jesse Scott, vocalist for the band Silver Lining said.

Scott, Kody ‘Shrek’ Henry (guitar), Thomas ‘Bill’ Bigmore (guitar), Rhys ‘No Beard’ Barnes (bass), Jordan ‘Stupid Idiot’ Goodisson (drums) believe their hardcore style actually emits a positive message.

“I’ll never forget the gig we did in Canberra, a day later we received a message from a guy in the crowd. He had said that the girl he was with had suffered from some really severe depression, she had a rough upbringing and was in a bad way. He told us that the music really spoke to her and he could see the change in her,” Bigmore said.

“It hit me pretty hard when I saw it, I was blown away. I knew this was why I play music.”

The band’s creation began two years ago in February 2013, and they have been doing shows for about a year now.

“We mostly play in Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong so this will be the first gig in Yass,” Barnes said, the only Yass man amongst the ACT group.

“I’m looking forward to my family and friends being able to come and see us locally.”

The band’s influences include artists like Defeater, Touché Amoré, Miles Away, and other heavy metal groups.

“We’re very excited to be playing alongside In Hearts Wake, with great studio quality sound.  It’s something really different that is a tremendous opportunity,” Scott said.

The band has already put out two EP’s and are hoping to get back into the studio early next year and get their material on triple j’s program. When asked about plans for the future their response was amusing.

“We’re really looking forward to selling out actually, you know signing adverts, getting our own brand of Redbull and all the cheese platters,” Bigmore laughed, “But Jesse works in a deli, so we’re already half way there with cheese platters. Oh and the girls, can’t forget the girls.”

“We are just happy making new friends and having fun, we just love it, and would love to ‘make it’ as they say, but we’re just content doing what we love.”

By Jessica Cole, Yass Tribune  (28th November 2014)