Jun 20 2015

Mr Freeze

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Mr Freeze was the first rock band in the Yass Valley made up entirely of Yass Valley locals.

The nucleus of the band began in 1989 when guitarist Tim Furner and David Ash were playing in a band called ‘Just Jamming’ around Canberra.  They achieved some success in the 1989 ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition held at the legendary ‘Kimbo’s’ Bar in Philip, ACT.

When this band dissolved Tim and David recruited drummer Gary Johnston who had opened a music store in Yass (yes, believe it or not, Yass once had a great little record store!).  Local lad Jason Broer, who had been a ‘roadie’ with ‘Just Jamming’ was the next addition. Vocalist Phil Power was plucked from relative obscurity to become front man (which he took to like a ‘duck to water’) and finally Peter Keogh was brought in late in the piece under the rationale that you can never have too many guitars in a rock band!

They played a regular circuit of gigs ranging from the Clubhouse Hotel in Yass to the ‘Old Canberra Inn’ in Canberra, the ‘Firestation’ in Goulburn and back to the Murrumbateman Tavern.  A great proportion of the material they played was rock standards both past and contemporary but with a ‘Mr Freeze’ twist in the mix.

However it soon proved obvious that Tim Furner and David Ash were turning into fine songwriters themselves.  What a shame the band didn’t go on to fame and glory but, hey!  that would be predictable. This way it’s poetic – those who saw them will know what a great little band they were.

R.I.P. Mr Freeze

– Kim Nelson, YASSarts