Nov 06 2014

Higgie – Suzie

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SUZI HIGGIE – Singer/Songwriter

Suzie Higgie moved to the Yass Valley some years back and is a successful Australian contemporary musician and songwriter.  She was lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the Falling Joys, the Australian alternative rock band formed in Canberra in 1985.

Higgie was also in a band with Andrea Croft called Splinter, releasing the ‘Strange Parade’ EP in 1991 on Volition, the same label as her main band Falling Joys. In 1998, she collaborated with keyboardist Conway Savage, a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, on an album entitled Soon Will be Tomorrow.  Her first true solo album, Songs of Habit, was released in 2002.  After an extended period in London she moved back to the Canberra region.

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