Apr 09 2013

Callaway – Bruce “Cub”

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Bruce-'Cub'-CallawayBruce “Cub” Callaway is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer whose influence on Australian independent music is significant having produced many internationally critically acclaimed albums.

Callaway emerged in Brisbane in the late 70’s when punk first appeared having witnessed the emergence of The Saints and The Go betweens. In 1979, he joined The Saints upon their return from England and toured Australia. After leaving The Saints, Cub then formed The New Christs with Rob Younger and wrote and produced their first single that is now highly sought after. In 1982, Cub formed his own band writing and singing his songs and releasing an EP.

Callaway made a move into studio production where he worked with Ed Keupper, The Triffids, Louis Tillet, Damien Lovelock and others producing internationally acclaimed classic Australian albums.

In more recent times, Callaway started Broken Knee Studio in the Canberra region where he has recorded albums for local artists Waterford, The Fighting League, Danny Mack, The Hovering Spooks and Jenny Spear.Triffids, Louis Tillet, Damien Lovelock and others producing internationally acclaimed classic Australian albums.

Sensing that the time was right, Callaway decided it was time to get back into writing and performing his own songs and released “Silver and Gold” in 2013.  In 2015 he released his second solo album ‘Fall of the Empire’.  Here’s what Chris Johnson had to say about the album in a Canberra Times review:

“It is so exciting to see local musicians releasing albums on vinyl and, if you want something to kick-start your own home-grown collection, look no further than Cub Callaway’s latest offering.

Fall of the Empire was recently launched as a limited vinyl release during an energetic gig at Smith’s Alternative. The show was a cracker and so is the album.

Cub-Callaway-onstageCallaway has a solid history in the Australian rock music scene and has worked in various capacities with iconic bands such as the Saints and the Triffids. An excellent guitarist and songwriter, Callaway has in more recent times been quietly living in Murrumbateman and making outstanding music.

Fall of the Empire is his best album to date and captures everything that was classy about Aussie post-punk. Callaway hand-picked some of the best of his musician mates from the finest Australian bands of that golden era.

The album features John Hoey, of Died Pretty fame, Phil Hall, of the Lime Spiders, Richard Ploog, of the Church, and Millie Hall, of Bridezilla, along with guest appearances by well-known Canberra artists Zika Vuletic and Alex Ross.

However, there is no doubting that the driving force behind this exquisite musical offering is Callaway himself. Not only has he written most of the songs on the album, but he takes care of the guitars and lead vocals. He produced the album and recorded at his own Broken Knee Studio.

Callaway’s songs are imaginative, blunt and at times in your face. The title track, which opens the album, is a standout. The joys and otherwise of inner-city living is a recurrent theme throughout.

There are a handful of covers, including Keep Your Eyes on the Hole, a nod to the 1986 Triffids album, In the Pines, which Callaway produced. These are all strong songs and need to be played with the volume turned up.

Fall-of-the-EmprireThere’s no doubting vinyl is the new black (even coloured vinyl is the new black), and more power to it . . . There is something special about holding and playing a real record. Art looks so much better on 12-inch covers and the cover art on Callaway’s Fall of the Empire is simply brilliant. Kim Nelson’s painting, Fallen #3 is stunning. You will want to pin the cover on the wall.  This kind of music is perfect for the vinyl medium, and it’s a very cool thing that is being produced right here in our own backyard.