Jul 18 2011

Baker – Jane

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Jane BakerJane Baker is a resident of Yass, a retired secondary school teacher, a writer of school books and a columnist and a poet. She is a founding member and current convenor of The Yass Valley Writers and a fulltime wildlife carer.

For over eight years she has contributed the Wisdom column of the weekly Webs, Weeds and Wisdom opinion column in the Yass Tribune. Her textbooks are used in schools both here and overseas.

Jane’s poetry has appeared in several anthologies as well as journals and papers including Yellow Moon, Five Bells and The Canberra Times among others. She has read at the Sydney Poetry Festival and at the WEA poetry Day in Sydney. Her work has been widely awarded across Australia.

“There is no greater conjunction of pleasures than an insight, a pristine notebook, a fine-nibbed fountain pen and the hour before sunrise.”

That is how Jane sees writing. Her work ranges from the local to global in subject matter and is driven by two abiding passions – the right of everyone everywhere to social justice and a delight in the extraordinary beauty of the world in which we live