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Jul 28 2014


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Membership forms for YASSarts can be downloaded by simply clicking here:
Membership application form

If you would like to lease Oddfellows for an exhibition or event please click  here:
Oddfellows Exhibitor Application & Agreement 2014

Forms can be sent to or delivered to Oddfellows’,  67 Comur Street Yass (stick them in the mail slot if Oddfellows is closed)

Jul 26 2014


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Artist Richard Larter has passed away at the aged of 85.   Nationally and internationally renowned, Richard and his wife Pat (also an artist) moved to Yass in the 60’s and lived in the the Yass Valley until Pat’s untimely death in 1996.  Their five children went to the local schools though many locals knew nothing of the fame of their renowned father.Richard-Larter_Brock-Elbank

Born in Essex England in 1929, Larter’s work dates from the late 1950’s through to the present. It is at times audacious, confronting and political, at others abstract and lyrical.  He was an inspiration to many younger artists.

In 2008 the National Gallery of Australia honored Richard with a major retrospective, just one of many significant achievements in his life.

(Left image: Artwork by Richard Larter   Right image: Richard Larter_ Photo by Brockelbank)

Jul 18 2014


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On Friday evening 27th June 2014 YASSarts patron Katrina Hodgkinson MP officially launched the Oddfellows’ Arts Centre. Over the past four years artist Kim Nelson, creator of YASSarts, Oddfellows_Katrinahas developed ‘Oddfellows’ from a personal ‘open studio’ style arts practice into a major attraction on the region’s cultural tourism map, hosting concerts and events.

Nelson has now moved aside and YASSarts has taken on the lease of the property as a venue to continue in this tradition, showcasing regional arts practitioners of the Yass Valley region. Exhibitions will change on a monthly basis to ensure exposure is given to as many practitioners as possible.  House concerts will continue, along with a range of other events such as workshops.

The inaugural exhibition will features Alex Tewes (Photography), Nicolette Black (Mixed Media), Marie-Nicole Roberts (Mixed Media) and Amanda McLean (Pastels).

If you would like to lease Oddfellows for an exhibition or event please click on the ODDFELLOWS tab in the left hand margin click here:  Oddfellows Exhibitor Application & Agreement 2014

Jul 18 2014


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At the most recent general meeting of YASSarts it was voted unanimously to become an incorporated body which will open the way for a range of possibilities, not least of all being access to arts funding on a number of levels.

Jul 18 2014


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Anybody who has followed YASSarts over recent years will know that things are developing at a fast pace. The association has done remarkable things over the last four years for arts and culture in the region and the recent development of the YASSarts committee and subsequent incorporation is proof that those involved are committed to approaching things professionally with a keen eye on the on the ‘big picture’ and the future.

However, as a volunteer non profit organisation we rely heavily on volunteer commitment so please contact us via if you’d like to assist as a volunteer. Considering our future commitments, one very effective way of helping YASSarts is by becoming a member (annual fee of just $30.00). Whether you are an arts practitioners or just wish to support our efforts you subscription will assist us greatly. Membership forms can be downloaded from the MEMBERSHIP tab in the left hand margin or simply click here:  Membership application form