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Welcome to YASSarts.

The Yass Valley region, just north of the Australian National Capital, Canberra, boasts a remarkable variety of talent in the field of arts, either in people who choose to live here or who have been raised in this region

YASSarts is a not for profit organization run by volunteers with the aim of celebrating arts & culture in our region. The YASSarts website’s broader purpose is to be that of an inventory – a kind of listing of all individuals or groups working within the arts, whether professional or amateur, within the Yass Valley.

Through the website and YASSarts’  associated activities, we also attempt to provide a platform and profile for those who do not make a living from their art but whose work is no less noteworthy.

Concurrently, we hope to assist and encourage local government and the community in harnessing the cultural tourism potential of our regional arts through events and, where possible, to be supportive of and provide assistance for, our local arts community.
Homepage banner: Anne Hind (artwork) Kim Nelson (concept design & photo)

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Cub Callaway launch_2Yass Valley musician, songwriter & producer Cub Callaway will release his latest album on Saturday evening.  The cover art features ‘Fallen #3′ by Yass Valley artist Kim Nelson. You can check out Cub’s
page on YASSarts website <<here>>




Veanka_RobynThe Tamworth Country Music Festival 2015 was graced by two of the Yass Valley’s best artistic talents this year.  Both renowned ‘bush poet’ Robyn Sykes and singer songwriter Veanka headed to Tamworth to perform at this iconic festival this year.  Well done gals!


Youth Council muralIn 2014 Yass Valley Youth Council produced a design for a mural to  be painted on the wall of the amenities building at Jones Park in Murrumbateman.  The image was designed to depict the many aspects of Murrumbateman.  On Tuesday 12th January various  youth from around the Yass Valley gathered at the amenities wall at Jones Park and turned this design into a reality with an array of different coloured spray paints.
Organiser Cathy Campbell from the Yass Valley Council said it was a chance for the youth to create something special that will be around for years to come.
“It’s a great way to improve the look of the area and depicts what the youth view as important in the local area. The kids have shown that they value many of the things that represent Murrumbateman,” she said.
The mural was made possible with a grant from the Country Artists Support Projects.  Local artist, Emma Holberton oversaw the project and helped members of the Youth Council to design the mural and was there on the day of painting to help make it a reality.  YASSarts would encourage residents of the Yass Valley and beyond to get along and  view the project.


Fall-of-the-EmpireSongwriter, singer, guitarist and producer Bruce “Cub” Callaway has had considerable influence on the Australian independent music scene.  Callaway emerged in Brisbane in the late 70’s when punk first appeared having witnessed the emergence of The Saints and The Go betweens. In 1979, he joined The Saints upon their return from England and toured Australia.
Now living in the Yass Valley, Callaway has a recording studio set up and has just released his new album in the ‘old school’ format of a long player record.  The album cover feature artwork by Yass Valley artist Kim Nelson.

To find out more about ‘Cub’ click << here >>


Oddfellows_exteriorIn mid 2010 artist Kim Nelson and YASSarts creator, embarked on a new project in his hometown: a public studio. It was known as Kim Nelson Fine Art & Editions and was part work space, part gallery, part performance venue.

The following years saw the project become a major cultural tourism attraction. In March 2014 Nelson left the venue and in July YASSarts took on the lease of the property. It became a temporary regional arts centre and staged eight exhibitions featuring varied artists of the region organized by the YASSarts committee. The lease ended on December 10th and was not renewed as the building is scheduled for sale in 2015.

Kim Nelson has stated “Don’t think about it as the end! The happenings at Oddfellows’ over the last few years have laid some valuable groundwork for arts & culture potential in the Yass Valley region.  Onwards and upwards as they say!”

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